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The poetry of stones jewelry

Blog en 12 January 2018 0 Comments
Wear stones jewelry ... and what about adding a poetic spirit Let's start with the very origin of the stones. They come from the earth which, by natural chemical reactions, gives them their color, so intense and unique. These reactions provide the stones with clean properties, from the energy they have stored. And this is when the magic comes in.…

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Which jewels wear with our sweaters ?

Blog en 5 January 2018 0 Comments
It's winter again and we still want to wear our favorite jewels but as soon as we put on our jumper, we realize that don't really match together. So we have to deal with it! A great option is to wear our cuffs on our sleeves, our thin necklaces on our turtelnecks. Prefer studs to pendants. Much easier to wear…

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Festive jewelry

Blog en 22 December 2017 0 Comments
Ok ... even though we are French and not the most sophisticated women in the world, holiday season is still one the occasions we love to dress up. 2 options: either the outfit we choose is sparkling enough and the accessory we wear with it is more discret, or we pick up the one and only little black dress and…

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We want them all: Mini hoop earrings

Blog en 27 October 2017 0 Comments
At the moment, there isn’t a single fashion addict who isn’t wearing a little hoop earring. More often than not, they look better when they sit close to the lobe, just like a little hug! You also have the choice to add a pendant, or leave it in its simplicity. Naturally, I prefer those that are set with diamonds. I…

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Hoop earrings: the return of a timeless basic

Blog en 13 October 2017 0 Comments

Large hoop earring have come back in force this summer…
This season they have been showcased by the big fashion houses such as Céline, Givenchy, Marni… And come in all sorts of styles. We even saw the appearance of round discs and giant versions that touch your shoulders.

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