Festive jewelry

Blog 2 December 2016 0 Comments
Ok ... even though we are French and not the most sophisticated women in the world, holiday season is still one the occasions we love to dress up. 2 options: either the outfit we choose is sparkling enough and the accessory we wear with it is more discret, or we pick up the one and only little black dress and…

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Must haves in your jewerly box #2

Blog 20 November 2016 0 Comments
A thin necklace is definitly another must in each jewerly box. First have a really close look to the thickness of the chain, then make up your mind on how long you want the chain to be, and then choose the style of the pendant. It can seem a bit weird but the quality of the chain is the most…

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Must haves in your jewerly box #1 : the bangle

Blog 13 November 2016 0 Comments
According to me, one of the must have in each jewelry box is the bangle. It's the key piece on each wrist, no matter if you wear it with other bracelets or alone, which is sometimes even more stunning. We love thin bangles, or a bit thicker, open or closed bangles, in gold or silver, minimalist or engraved. A bangle…

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Thin diamond jewerly

Blog 6 November 2016 0 Comments
It's a fact, we love thin jewels but even more if they have small diamonds! Personnaly I have replaced my wedding ring by a very thin diamond band ring. Instead of wearing big earrings, I now have tiny diamond studs and also a very small diamond necklace. Also on my wrist, I wear thin bracelets with small diamonds. You see it's…

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The jewelry pouch

Blog 29 October 2016 0 Comments
Italian women are crazy about it, and so do American women. French women, like always when it's a bit sparkling, are a little reluctant about it. However there is nothing more than a jewelry pouch!! Pin It Credit: Chanel bag Pin It Credit: Poppy Delevingne Pin It Credit: Louis Vuitton bag Pin It Credit : Olivia Palermo Pin It Pin It Credit: Delphine…

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The new trend: the tube ring

Blog 14 October 2016 0 Comments
It's not really a poetic name, nevertheless the tube ring is the last jewelry trend you should wear. Geometric shape jewels are everywhere as you probably noticed, especially rings. And we love it! The must is to cumulate several tube rings, of different sizes and on each fingers... Pin It Credit: Les trouvailles d'Elsa / Elsa Madjar flat rings Pin It Pin It…

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The return of the twisted trend

Blog 7 October 2016 0 Comments
A few month ago while looking into my jewelry box, I found an old twisted bracelet that belonged to my grandma. Surprisingly, and even since it has been in my jewelry box for many years, I wanted to wear it. I put it high on my arm, just under my elbow without removing the other bracelets I was wearing and…

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New trend: The mini Bag

Blog 10 July 2016 0 Comments

I do not know if you noticed but these last seasons our bags keep shrinking.

Hermès launched the “Mini Kelly”, Chanel the “Mini 2.55”, Givenchy the “Mini Antigona”…examples amongst many others
Thus, we need to get used…

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The cuff: A unique piece of jewellery

Blog 7 July 2016 0 Comments
The cuff is, in my opinion, one of the key pieces in a jewellery box.  It can really stand on its own – no need to worry about what other jewellery to wear, it doesn’t need it. Simply on its own, it adorns your wrist and adds a finishing touch to your outfit. At the moment we are seeing two…

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Hoop earrings: the return of a timeless basic

Blog 28 June 2016 0 Comments

Large hoop earring have come back in force this summer…
This season they have been showcased by the big fashion houses such as Céline, Givenchy, Marni… And come in all sorts of styles. We even saw the appearance of round discs and giant versions that touch your shoulders.

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A chunky ring for each finger

Blog 10 June 2016 0 Comments
At the moment, there are two trends that are going head to head when it comes to choosing your rings. Some people prefer thinner versions that you can stack (we’ll talk about these later) whilst others would rather more substantial pieces. Personally, it’s the seasons that guide my choice… As summer approaches, I want to (temporarily) abandon my little rings…

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We want them all: Mini hoop earrings

Blog 10 June 2016 0 Comments
At the moment, there isn’t a single fashion addict who isn’t wearing a little hoop earring. More often than not, they look better when they sit close to the lobe, just like a little hug! You also have the choice to add a pendant, or leave it in its simplicity. Naturally, I prefer those that are set with diamonds. I…

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Let’s mix and match our necklaces…

Blog 27 May 2016 0 Comments
For many seasons now, it’s on trend to stack our jewellery. We like to combine rings, recently bracelets and earrings, and now necklaces. One of the most important things about this trend is that you choose the lengths of your necklaces carefully so as to avoid a massive tangle around your neck at the end of the day… For a…

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Blog 20 May 2016 0 Comments
When I started this blog, I never intended to speak about myself or my site, rather to show you the current jewellery and accessory trends. But I was lucky enough to welcome the Ring the Belle team into my home, my office and the different areas of my world. So I decided to make a little exception. I hope you’ll…

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