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The seashell jewelry: a single ticket to the beach

Blog en 16 June 2017 0 Comments
What better adapted than a seashell gem to take us directly to the water's edge. Like every summer, we are crazy about this little piece of beach. We want it in all forms: on our ears, hanging on our neck, our wrists, or our ankle Tahitian way. For my summer collection, I wanted to combine our 2 big favorites of…

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The turquoise stone: our summer essential

Blog en 2 June 2017 0 Comments
Like every summer, turquoise stone is our favorite. Whether mounted in ring, necklace, earrings ... we love it. But why so much enthusiasm? Surely for its islands lagoon color which sparkle any outfit ... for the authenticity of the stones (each one has a unique color and a unique rib) and for its sourcing that makes you travel through the…

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Summer is coming, it’s time to wear oversized rings…

Blog en 26 May 2017 0 Comments
Summer comes, and once again you will enjoy wearing more voluminous jewels, to mix and match them and add colors. Wearing turquoise cabochon rings, golden weapon rings or ethnic rings will make the difference The idea: embellish these tanned hands... Pin It Credit: Blake Lively for Glamour Pin It Credit: Les trouvailles d'Elsa / Aurélie Bidermann Turquoise Miki ring Pin It Credit: Sharif Hamza…

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Must haves in your jewelry box #5 : The cuff

Blog en 12 May 2017 0 Comments
Wearing a cuff on the wrist is like wearing high heels, it always makes you spark. It's feminine, it's elegant, it's timeless and it dresses any outfit. Therefore The cuff is one of the few pieces you need to have in your jewelry box. Lately, the trend is on graphics and purified jewelries..consequently we will choose a simple cuff, without…

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Leather bracelet: a “rock’n roll” touch of elegance

Blog en 5 May 2017 0 Comments

Fashion constantly changes and evolves, but even if we like to follow the trends, we all die for a subtile rock’n’roll touch in our looks (the ones who forgot about their biker jacket, raise your hand!)
What I like with the leather bracelet is that it brings, in addition to this rock’n’roll touch, , some kind of …

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The thin bracelet: to be worn alone or layered

Blog en 28 April 2017 0 Comments
The advantage of wearing a thin bracelet is that it always looks nice whether worn alone or mixed with other bracelets. As always when mixing jewelry, it is important to pay attention to the balance (this is particularly important when it comes to thin jewelry). It is therefore necessary to keep the same thickness, the same colour of materials (silver,…

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The statement earring: the new trend to adopt

Blog en 21 April 2017 0 Comments
The statement earring is the great trend of the moment. We saw it on all fashion editors and on all it-girls during autumn winter 2017-2018 fashion week. It’s true that it is necessary to dare ... it is strong enough trend in terms of style, but it is undeniable it gives something more to a look, a real difference. I…

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MUST HAVES IN YOUR JEWELRY BOX #4 : The mini diamond hoop

Blog en 7 April 2017 0 Comments
The recent rush on ear studs, made the mini diamond hoop one of our must haves of our jewelry box. The mini diamond hoop used to be very classical but it no longer is. It's so trendy now!  But how does it come? Simply because we changed our way of wearing it... We used to wear it by pair. Now…

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Blog en 2 April 2017 0 Comments

You may have noticed…the main trend is around accumulation…The more you mix your jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, stud earrings…), the better…
It also works with thin rings … the prettiest is to put one on each finger.

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Blog en 24 March 2017 0 Comments
While Spring is coming up, we leave our coats for lighter jackets and our sleeves start shortening. As such, the willingness to put a lot of bracelets on our wrists is urging. This year, we fall for the accumulation of silver rings…the idea is to accumulate them as much as possible and mix them. Mixing with our long skirts (the…

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Blog en 19 March 2017 0 Comments

I had in mind to propose you cashmere pashminas for a while…. My recent trip to India allowed me to do so !.
While choosing them, my 1st criterion was the material: cashmere for softness.
The 2nd, the length. They need to be long and wide as it is important to pay attention to its…

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Blog en 3 March 2017 0 Comments
It is always a bit complicated to choose the right size of your jewerly. As a matter of fact, only a few people know their ring size or bracelet size. That's why more and more jewerly brands (among them my own brand) propose adjustable jewels, so that all our bracelets fit right and our rings can be worn on each…

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Blog en 24 February 2017 0 Comments
Nothing better than a nice pair of festive earrings to finish an evening dress. We’d rather choose it pendant, gold (especially if we wear a black dress) and worked upon to give a sophisticated effect... Pin It Crédit : Cara Delevingne Pin It Crédit : Les Trouvailles d'Elsa / Marie-Laure Chamorel Luxume earrings Pin It Crédit : Kasia Struss on Edit Magazine Pin…

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Blog en 17 February 2017 0 Comments

A few summers ago, we saw the tassel jewelry worn around the neck of all the it-girls (indeed, the wood chain with a fluo tassel…you see what I mean).
Today, we like to wear them on our ears or attached to a pretty chain.
We exchanged its bohemian style for a far more chic effect…

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