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The turquoise stone: our summer essential

Blog en 6 July 2018 0 Comments
Like every summer, turquoise stone is our favorite. Whether mounted in ring, necklace, earrings ... we love it. But why so much enthusiasm? Surely for its islands lagoon color which sparkle any outfit ... for the authenticity of the stones (each one has a unique color and a unique rib) and for its sourcing that makes you travel through the…

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The seashell jewelry: a single ticket to the beach

Blog en 15 June 2018 0 Comments
What better adapted than a seashell gem to take us directly to the water's edge. Like every summer, we are crazy about this little piece of beach. We want it in all forms: on our ears, hanging on our neck, our wrists, or our ankle Tahitian way. For my summer collection, I wanted to combine our 2 big favorites of…

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Hoop earrings: the return of a timeless basic

Blog en 27 April 2018 1 Comments

Large hoop earring have come back in force this summer…
This season they have been showcased by the big fashion houses such as Céline, Givenchy, Marni… And come in all sorts of styles. We even saw the appearance of round discs and giant versions that touch your shoulders.

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The thin bracelet: to be worn alone or layered

Blog en 23 March 2018 0 Comments
The advantage of wearing a thin bracelet is that it always looks nice whether worn alone or mixed with other bracelets. As always when mixing jewelry, it is important to pay attention to the balance (this is particularly important when it comes to thin jewelry). It is therefore necessary to keep the same thickness, the same colour of materials (silver,…

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