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Lucky charm is more than just jewelry. We have a special affection for him because he protects us, and thinking about him makes us stronger. It has lived through many eras and evolved in many forms, so how can you choose the right symbol for your lucky charm?


Let’s start with the very origin of the stones. They come from the earth which, by natural chemical reactions, gives them their color, so intense and unique. These reactions provide the stones with clean properties, from the energy they have stored.
And this is when the magic comes in.
If you wear a lapis lazuli ring, at first, you may love its deep blue color, before aiming to find its singularity in its irregularities and more surely want to believe that this stone, “stone of hope and courage ” will help us in our daily lives.

It goes long the same for all the stone…
Turquoise : Purification stone
Cherry Quartz : Heart, love and peace stone
Grey Cat Eye : Pierre de protection
Pink Opale : Hope and purity stone
Onyx : Pierre de la stabilité
White Agate : Protector stone and lucky charm
Aventurine : Peace stone

Crédit : Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Flip ring – stone ring

Crédit : Babioles de Zoé / Elsa Madjar Flip ring
Grey Cat Eye stone : “The stone of protection”

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Lapis Lazuli necklace
Lapis lazuli necklace: “Hope and courage stone”

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Crédit : Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Harpo Turquoise cuff

Crédit : Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Flip necklace
Onyx stone : “The stone of stability “


Symbol of rebirth and eternal life, Beetle while translated into Egyptian by Khéper means « to hold to existence or to rebirth. That’s why this little animal was revered by the pharaohs.

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Gas Bijoux Scarabeo bracelet

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Beetle necklaces

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Crédit : Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Beetle necklace

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Crédit : Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Gas Bijoux Scarabeo hoops

Crédit : Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Beetle ring


It has always been regarded as a lucky charm that helps to ensuring happiness and prosperity while warding off from the evil eye. Its ability to die and reborn provide it with its benefits…

Crédit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Aurélie Bidermann Françoise earrings
Lapis lazuli earrings: “Hope and courage stone”

Crédit : Chanel

Crédit : Sofya Benzakour / Aurélie Bidermann Multi Wheat bangle

Crédit : Sofya Benzakour / Aurélie Bidermann Wheat cuff

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Aurélie Bidermann Francoise earrings


The “Thaali” pendant promotes love and respect.

Crédit : Dorothée Sausset

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Dorothée Sausset Thaali necklace


It is a sign of protection from God we believe in

Crédit : Jacquie Aiche

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Les Trouvailles d’Elsa Cross necklace

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Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Harpo Turquoise Cross ring

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Les Trouvailles d’Elsa Diamond bracelet

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