The stones necklace: the icon of the season….

The stones necklace, whether flush with the neck or longer, is one of the trendiest jewels to adopt now!

More than an essential, stones have virtues. Turquoise will protect you, opal will have the virtue of hope and purity, onyx will bring stability and lapis lazuli hope and courage…

We like it for a rather bohemian look at the beach as well as in the evening! What about you?

Credit: Jacquie Aiche

Credit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar torque necklace, turquoise necklace and Flip necklace

Credit: Aurélie Bidermann

Credit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Grigri Labradorite necklace and Lapis lazuli necklace

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Jacquie Aiche

Credit: Vogue

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Summer Grigri black stones necklace and Crystal necklace

Credit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Summer Grigri Stones necklaces

Credit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar turquoise and diamond necklace and Harpo turquoise necklace

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Summer Grigri Labradorite necklace and Agate and shell necklace

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