Sparkling summer jewelry

The great thing about Summer is that you can do anything you want and cool off when it comes to jewelry. At the beach, we obviously avoid big pieces we like the most, but in the evening we can finally give it all to sparkle the most!

For the earrings, we focus on: the essential Summer creoles, graphic earring for the rockiest or crystal earrings for a slightly retro style.

For necklaces and bracelets, you can either pile up or simply wear a pretty torque or a golden cuff.

Finally, our favorite for rings: the solitary wide enough gold ring on a tanned skin ❤️

Crédit : Aurélie Bidermann / Ciottolo earrings on Les trouvailles d’

Crédit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Gas Bijoux Onde Lucky earrings

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Aurélie Bidermann Ajoncs necklace

Crédit: Pinterest

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Circle earrings

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Flat cuffs

Crédit: Pinterest

Crédit : Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Oval pendant earring

Crédit : Pinterest / Similars bangles here

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Crédit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Hélène Zubeldia Crystal earring

Crédit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Aurélie Bidermann Esteban ring

Crédit: Pinterest

Crédit: Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Stone Flip rings

Crédit: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Collier Cacao Gas Bijoux

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