Valentine’s Day: Has-been or not?

I am constantly reading articles that describe Valentine’s Day as a kitsch, soppy and overly commercialised celebration.

Commercialised, that’s a definite. But to be honest I don’t understand this relentlessness because at the end of the day we are all free to spend this day as we so desire.

As for me, I’ve always liked Valentine’s evening, even when I was single I would make the most of it by organising an aperitif amongst girlfriends and to discuss this so-called Prince Charming who appeared to have lost his way…

Valentine’s Day is still a special occasion when you decide to take a little break from your daily habits. That’s not to say that I’m a big fan of going to a restaurant with the other 20 couples who have had the same idea. I would rather stay at home, cook a special dinner, open a bottle of wine and find the time to… chat.

Because at the end of the day, I don’t know about you but I always feel like I spend my life running around and when evening comes and the children are finally asleep, well, I no longer want to talk!

So if Valentine’s Day can give us the opportunity to relax, just the two of us, I’ll take it! No matter how soppy, kitsch or whatever else it may be!

Anyway, why deprive ourselves?! 😉

Credit: Erin Wasson

Credits: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Flip rings

Credit: Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar Drop Diamonds choker necklace and Baroque pearl necklace

Credit: Marie-Laure Chamorel / Rings here

Credits: Céline Daoust / Our Céline Daoust jewelry

Credits: Daria Werbowy for David Yurman

Credits: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Annelise Michelson Dechainée ring and Aurélie Bidermann Amarée ring

Credits: Les trouvailles d’Elsa / Elsa Madjar bracelets

Credits: Emma Watson / Mini hoop similar here

Credits: Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Sansoeurs Diamond earring and H Diamonds earring

Credits: Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Les Trouvailles d’Elsa gold and diamonds jewelry

Credits: Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Céline Daoust 10 Diamonds necklace and Tourmaline necklace

Credits: Les Trouvailles d’Elsa / Les Trouvailles d’Elsa Gold and Diamonds mini hoops

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