Cashmere pink pashmina (Les trouvailles d'Elsa)

Pashmina bordeaux Les trouvailles d'Elsa


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Product IDles-trouvailles-d-elsa-pashmina-cachemire-rose
NameCashmere pink pashmina (Les trouvailles d'Elsa)
DesignerLes trouvailles d'Elsa
Product typePashmina
100% cashmere Pashmina (100% pashmina)
Color: camel (tobacco)
Dimensions: 1 m x 2 m
Fiber diameter: 14 - 16 microns
Fiber length: 4 - 5 cm

The quality of the cashmere depends on the thinness and the length of the fibers. The longest are located on the neck of the goat, there are called pashmina, our shawls are made with these fibers.
The pashmina are the best quality of cashmere, it is also called "gold in fiber". 10 downy undercoat of goats are needed to produce a pashmina shawl.

Hand-woven in the Kashmir region of India (Goats from the Himalayas)
Manufacturing time of 1 pashmina: 7 to 10 days

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