Launched in 2008, Les Trouvailles d’Elsa has become the go-to site for jewellery and accessories.
This is thanks to Elsa Madjar’s personality which embodies the site, making it come alive and feel personal as she answers her clients’ questions, modelling the jewellery and fully believing in her choices.
But this is also thanks to well thought-out, feminine – but never girly – aesthetics, relying on firm ideas which guide her discoveries.


Everything centres around Elsa’s motto: make jewellery come alive.
Next to the still life shots, you will always find lifestyle photos with models. .
The bonus: each week, Elsa reveals how she wears certain pieces in her “Looks” or “Blog” features..
Les Trouvailles d’Elsa is a real mood board of ideas and trends. It is very much in tune with the trends of today and tomorrow.


Until now, one name was missing – that of the founder. Elsa Madjar put an end to this as she launched her eponymous brand.
She designed a collection made up of pieces that are both on trend and easy to wear, modern and yet classic.
A thin bar adorned with raw diamonds makes us instantly think of the “one earring” trend, whilst the cuffs are worn one on each arm.