Flip reversible long necklace (Elsa Madjar)

Collier Barrette Doré Elsa Madjar

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Product IDelsa-madjar-sautoir-flip-onyx-aventurine
NameFlip reversible long necklace (Elsa Madjar)
Product typeNecklaces
DesignerElsa Madjar
StyleThin necklace
Silver 18 carats gold plated long necklace with semi-precious stones: Onyx and Aventurine
The necklace turns on itself offering the possibility to have 2 different stones, so 2 colors

Weight of silver: 11.2 g
Length of the chain: 87,5 cm
Size of the pendant: 1,8 cm x 3 cm

Deposited model.
Engraved "e"

Delivered in a pretty Elsa Madjar box inside a pouch from Les trouvailles d'Elsa

Sent with a card explaining stones virtues :
Virtues of the Onyx:
The stone of stability
It helps to reinforce self-esteem, confidence and self-control.
It gives strengths to face life’s challenges.
Virtues of the Aventurine:
The stone of peace and balance.
It absorbs negative waves and protects from within.
It provides energy, stimulates creativity, help decision-making and project development.

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